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We specialize in all types of moving and waste removal, even in very large quantities.
Our team is professionally prepared to cope with any task.

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When should I make a reservation?

Our company works on first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, the earlier you contact us, the better chance you have of making a reservation.

It is preferable to make a reservation at least 4 weeks in advance. However, if your move is in the middle of the month on a weekday, 2 weeks in advance would be sufficient.

When is the best time to move?

The best time to move is always when not many other people are moving. This way you can be sure there will be a truck available and we can schedule you for the best time slot. In general most people move the last week of each and every month.

Moreover, during the summer months, June-October, many people are looking relocate. Ideally, the best time to move is in the middle of the month, on a weekday, and during the Spring time.

Reservations in the morning get the first priority and the movers are always on time. Reservations in the afternoon and evening need to have a time window for arrival since there are many unforeseeable factors such as traffic and weather, which can delay movers’ arrival.

How would I know if my move will be per hour or by weight? What are some additional charges?

Local moves, within the 7 counties in Illinois, Cook, Lake, McHenry, DuPage, Will, Kane, Kendall, and Kankakee, would be charged by the hour.
It is in our best interest to provide you with the most accurate estimate when making a reservation. For that reason, Chicago Moving And Packing Company has implemented a software that accurately determines the weight of all of your items, prior of us loading them.
Please keep in mind that additional charges will apply for packing and unpacking, which can be determined by our tariff schedule.

Can I do my own packing of fragile items?

We recommend that packing of fragile items is done by one of our trained professionals.

However, if you feel more comfortable packing everything on your own, we strongly advice that all items are individually wrapped with packing paper or bubble wrap, having a 1/2 inch of cushion in between.

All heavy items must be placed on the bottom of each box. All boxes needs to be sealed well and marked with the wording “FRAGILE!”

What distance moves do you provide?

We provide inter-building, local, long distance, interstate, and intrastate moves.

What type of services do you provide?

We provide packing and unpacking, disassembly and assembly, loading and unloading, and furniture rearrangement. We also rent out plastic boxes that are durable, reusable and great for the environment compared to carton boxes.

What size moves do you service?

We can assist you with the smallest, one item move, as well as a full house. The size of the move is irrelevant and we can assist you with all of your moving needs.

Please keep, for small moves we do have a 2 hours minimum on our labor. Larger moves may require a team of more than just 3 movers.

When should I obtain an estimate for my move?

Obtaining a quote for your move should be done as soon as you are aware that you will be moving.

Every quote provided by a moving company should be free and it should not require a cash deposit. That also applies for in-home estimates.

Beware of companies that require you to put money up front in order to obtain a quote!


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